• The Gallifreyan Visitor by sammisonfire

    Hey, so you know that WTNV/DW mashup design I did about three years ago?

    Well now you can have it on a Phone, or a t-shirt or a cushion or canvas or whatever. I don’t care just thought you might like it OKAY?!

    oh and feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Hey, Listen! - Some thoughts on “Listen”

    My relationship with Doctor Who has been taut of late, stretched out all thin and fragile, and upon viewing “Into the Dalek” a couple of weeks ago, it reached a breaking point. Shattering fantastically. I claimed the episode ‘an embarrassment to British science fiction’ and deleted the timer recording from my generic telly-recording-apparatus.

    I had been so looking forward to seeing what Peter Capaldi could do, but Doctor Who had been dwindling in my eyes for a couple of series now and this was the final straw. Series 8 of ‘new who’ was, to all intents and purposes, dead to me.

    With this said and done I failed to see Robot of Sherwood, and ‘Who’ only came back into my mind a couple of weeks on when a friend asked if I’d seen “Listen”.

    "No" I said "I’m boycotting it".

    "Oh you mustn’t" they replied.

    So, because I trust them, I watched a repeat showing of Listen.


    These standalone episodes that exist to just explore concepts, not to try and draw out an overly long and convoluted canon. They live outside of that and become interesting and innovative “what if” pieces?

    These episodes which aren’t overly Doctor Who-esque but are still somehow all the more Who for being so.

    I’m thinking of episodes like “the girl who waited” and “the doctors wife”
    and of course… Blink!

    Blink is the classic example of this and Listen was a perfect counterpart. It also has to be the most chilling episode I’ve seen since The Empty Child. The central concept was wonderful, akin to Silents in under-the-skin post-viewing creepiness and the cinematography during the orphanage scene was Spielberg-level brilliance.

    So my question is, why aren’t there more episodes like this rather than averaging one every two series.

    Or maybe Doctor Who isn’t the place for this sci-fi, maybe we need a new show, a sort of Twilight Zone series of one off  stories written by the best in dark science fiction. Oh gosh can we have this please, I want this now.

  • 'I don't want to go'

    Not cool, not cool at all…

  • I saw a Supernatural one and couldn’t resist…

  • doctorwho:

    Today marks the three year anniversary of Rory and Amy’s wedding! Hooray!

    So to celebrate, we’re going to be reblogging a whole bunch of Amy/Rory posts today to honor our favorite lovebirds. Tag your posts with #Pondiversary to join the party. 

    You can click the image above to see more of the Ponds’ wedding pictures. 

    Happy anniversary, Ponds!


    Wow, I didn’t realise how completely NOT over Angels Take Manhattan I was until I saw this.

    Say what you will about Moffat, but he has given me such a hatred of tall buildings.

  • Guys! Guys! I’ve found it!

  • fatmanlikesbatman answered your question: Would it sound awful if I said that I hope Doctor Who ends soon?

    Go away.
    I apologise if I have offended you, I should make it clear that I DO NOT dislike Doctor Who, in-fact quite the opposite.
    I do however, unlike the good Doctor, quite like endings. There is a certain satisfaction to the closing of a book, or the final hit on the last boss as the credits roll.

    Seven Series for a British show is a very good run, and strangely enough, though the journey has been a wonderful and awe-inspiring one I feel as if the destination has just started to crawl it’s way over the horizon into our field of vision. Maybe it’s just a mirage, I don’t know. But all I want now is to trek this final leg and reach it, whatever it may be.
  • kurticusalexander answered your question: Would it sound awful if I said that I hope Doctor Who ends soon?

    It’ll never die. With so many people who can write Doctor Who, it’ll never die. Radio dramas, books, comics, etc…
    I understand it will never truly die as such. It is far too big an idea to just stop being a thing. I merely mean the TV show, at least this iteration of it.

    It just feels as if it’s starting to have run it’s course after 7 series. There’s a reason a lot of shows only run for a small handful of years, and I’m sure in many cases it’s because they know that sometimes not making new episodes is better than making new episodes.
    Besides they have kind of thwacked down a definitive end marker with Trenzalore.

    I’d still very much like to see new DW things; one-offs, books, radio dramas like you mentioned, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to enjoy watching this TV show.
  • Would it sound awful if I said that I hope Doctor Who ends soon?

    Like I mean properly just finish, no more new doctor who. Is that a bad thing to ask?

  • The most scared I think I’ve ever been by something on TV was The 9th Doctor episode ‘The Empty Child’, it was 8 years ago to the week as it happens. We were staying in a house in London for the weekend for a family party, so the surroundings were completely unfamiliar to me.

    If you don’t remember the episode, it’s the 1940’s gas-masked, "are you my mummy" children. And there’s this bit where phones start ringing and on the other end of the phone there’s just that creepy-ass child’s voice.
    Anyway, while there was a slight reprieve in the on-screen action, somebody (turns out it was my grandfather) came to the door and rang the bell.

    Guess what that doorbell sounded like.
    It was almost identical to the ringing of the telephone.

    I have NEVER jumped so much in my life.

  • Not-sure In Silver, my thoughts on Gaiman’s return to ‘Who.

    So I have been really looking forward to this episode, I’m an avid Gaiman fan and thought The Doctors Wife was the best episode of Series 6, (yes better than The Girl Who Waited, just.) So the build up to it was INTENSE for me. And I enjoyed Nightmare In Silver. I really did. I thought the Cyber!Doctor was absolutely brilliant and really showed off Matt Smith’s acting. The whole episode was a fairly good romp.

    Today I spoke to a good friend about it, a friend who hadn’t enjoyed it, and as we talked I realised I hadn’t really either. I had enjoyed Neil’s central concept, but the episode just wasn’t up to scratch. The script was clunky, the story clunkier. Dei ex machina abound, and not enough explanation. Gaiman has said that the initial script was MUCH longer and several scenes were re-written or cut. Maybe the episode suffered too much from executive-meddling or maybe Mister Gaiman was just off his game but while the episode was perfectly enjoyable it was also less-than-impressive. Also child actors.

  • The Doctor dances (again).

  • I’m sorry Moffat, but I think you need to be just a tiny bit less subtle.

  • Holy shit the new theme song mix is soft